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  • Happy customer
    Super professional clinic, very friendly and easy to work with. I live in Cali and Kaiser being super stingy and not trying to take care of my lower back issues - took it into my own hands when I was home visiting family to get an MRI done myself. Recommend for anyone that needs an MRI - much more valuable to any medical professional than an X-Ray. Good luck and stay healthy.
    Scott Woltman Dec 30, 2013

  • Happy customer
    When you have concerns about your health (due to habits, family history, etc.) it's great to have an option to address those. Most insurance companies aren't inclined to pay for prescreening, and MRI Pathways offers an affordable alternative. I've used their services a few times now, and have always been satisfied with their level of professionalism and knowledge. It's quite helpful to know where your health stands and to be able to work on areas of concern before they become a bigger problem.
    Peggy Garcon Dec 3, 2013

  • Happy customer
    Incredible care by an extremely professional staff. Dr. CJ holds both a MD and a Ph D. and took as much time with me as I needed. The support staffs are truly committed to my health. I have seen incredible changed in my health since coming to MRI Pathways. I would encourage anyone who wants to truly understand their health from the inside out to call for an appointment. You can discover amazing things about your body ... some that you will be motivated to change and others that eliminate fears.
    Steve Johnson Oct 12, 2013

  • Happy customer
    My sister and I made appointments at MRI Pathways for our first ever MRI's and we were both very nervous! Upon walking in we were greeted by a very nice gentleman who explained how the overall process and appointment would look like, which immediately calmed my nerves! The MRI I received was focused on my head and shoulders, and was quick, painless, and actually quite relaxing. The results were almost immediate after the MRI was over, and the Doctor walked through the results patiently and clearly. I will absolutely go here again for any other MRI needs I may have in the future, especially since the prices can't be beat.
    Kendall Jackson July 31, 2013

  • Happy customer
    Last summer I went through a confusing diagnosis of statin myopathy, Lyme disease and pseudo gout (CPPD).  Time improved two of the three, but I was still having problems with my shoulder.  I wanted to know if my painful shoulder had anything to do with the CPPD diagnosis of my knee.  I checked with my health care provider and they gave me a price of $600-$2,000 for an MRI.  A few days later I saw the ad for MRI Pathways. I was a bit suspicious, but decided to give it a try.  Not only was I pleasantly surprised; I was amazed.  They did the MRI; I dressed, and went right into the doctor’s office. He reviewed and discussed the images with me.  I immediately had my answer – the two were related.  I was so impressed that I returned to have an MRI of my back done, and so did my husband.  Now we both have important information to base our active lives on.  My experience with my health care provider has taught me that it’s important to be my own advocate and to do some of my own research.  MRI Pathways has given me access to an extremely valuable tool in this research.
    Paula M. April 20, 2013

  • Happy customer
    Wonderful place and wonderful staff!! I would go again becasue they were so informative
    Groupon Customer Feb 18, 2013

  • Happy customer
    They were very professional. The doctor explained everything to me clearly after my MRI scan results came through. And he also gave me useful recommendations. It's also decent pricing!
    Lisa Luong May 25, 2012

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