MRI Pathways is dedicated to help you take control of your health by giving you the information necessary to prevent and reverse chronic diseases and pain

By combining imaging technology with the latest medical information, we hope to be able to help our patients not only identify future health crisis early, but provide them the medical advice to prevent these issues from occurring.  
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) generates detailed images of the interior of the body without exposure to harmful radiation. Examining these images 
can allow for the detection of disease and disease precursors without invasive procedures such as biopsy or surgery. Using our affordable MRI technology, we aim to provide early detection and monitoring for a number of conditions, including strokes, heart attacks, Alzheimer's, neck and back pain, and other musculoskeletal issues. 
This imaging information allows our experienced physicians to help you develop a customized lifestyle and medication plan to prevent these issues. Afterwards, our experienced physicians will work closely with you work to continuously refine the treatment and lifestyle plan to maximize results. Please call 763-417-2000 to schedule your appointment. 
Highlights of our offerings:
Plaque reduction program guaranteed to shrink your arterial plaque or your
   money back
Comprehensive VIP packages to detect issues in your most important organ
   systems - 50% off for a limited time
Affordable visceral fat screening to measure your organ fat 
Spinal screening to determine the cause of your neck or low back pain 
• Conveniently located at 394 and 169 
• Flexible scheduling designed to fit your schedule 

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